About Dodo Pizza

In 2014, Dodo Pizza became famous all over the world because we managed to make the first commercial pizza delivery via drones. Wired, Business Insider, The Huffington Post and many other media companies wrote about us.

It was a side project for us, but we believe that our core business is even more innovative. Thus we are going to win the US market over current market leaders. On this blog you can track our progress, because we will candidly tell you everything that will happen with us.

Of course we can fail, but I believe that we’ll win.

My name is Fedor Ovchinnikov and I founded Dodo Pizza in 2011 in Syktyvkar, Russia. On the start I had only $15,000. I invested all my money in my first pizza delivery. In 2014 we got more than $7 million in revenue and raised more than $1 million with the help of crowdinvesting. More than 130 people believed in the bright future of Dodo Pizza. Now our chain has more than 90 stores in 8 countries. This year we are coming to China and the UK.

We are re-inventing the pizza business using new technology such as tablets and powerful but simple cloud-based IT system. I think that our way of doing business is disruptive and much more effective.

Our goal in the US is simple and really ambitious. We want to open 400 restaurants under the Dodo Pizza brand in the US in the next 7 years and build a profitable business that will make at least $300 million in revenue a year.

Our first pizza delivery in the US is located in Oxford, Mississippi. It’s a test for our business model because the town is relatively small and our main competitors (Papa John’s and Domino’s) are already there. If we can win Oxford, we can win the country.

On this blog, we’ll tell you about everything that will happen to us on the way to this destination. You will learn everything: our strategy and tactics, our failures and successes. We are building a totally transparent company, so we will share everything with our investors and clients including our financial data. Consider it a reality business show.

To start, read my first post “The Show Must Begin”. Like our page on Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter to get the weekly updates and never miss a thing. I hope it’ll be worth it.

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  1. Hi Fedor,
    Why do you think Dodo will be successful in the US? What makes your pizza different to hundreds of other nationwide and local brands?