About Dodo Pizza and this blog


I’m Alena Tikhova, the CEO of Dodo Pizza USA and one of the scribblers on this business blog.

Dodo Pizza is a new pizza company AND an IT startup.

Our aim: to try to rethink how things are done and to prove that technology can make a difference, even in a traditional market.

  1. We develop new IT solutions that help us run our enterprises.
  2. We implement them in our pizza shops all over the world.
  3. We share the results of our experiments (good or bad) and the company’s finances with the public, making our business 100% transparent.

On this blog, we’re covering our American venture that has set an ambitious goal of bringing restaurant quality to the pizza delivery market (which hasn’t changed much since the ‘70s).

At the beginning of 2016, we opened our first «wired» pizza shop in the States in Oxford, MS. Now we’re launching our second place in Southaven, MS.

We hope that this blog might appeal to those who

  • are in the pizza business
  • or are thinking about opening a delivery/quick service restaurant
  • or are interested in startups, marketing, and management.

Have a look-see inside our kitchen via webcam. Track our sales online, and check our P&L that we update monthly.

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Four facts about Dodo Pizza

  1. The first Dodo Pizza was opened in 2011 in Syktyvkar, Russia.
  2. Now the chain has 200 pizza shops operating in 9 countries in Europe, the US, and China.
  3. In 2014, Dodo made the world’s first commercial pizza delivery via drones.
  4. In 2016, Microsoft featured Dodo Pizza as its key partner and a dedicated user of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Services.