Best restaurant management blogs: feeds we love and actually read

“I’m not the only one who deals with such a mess.” Doesn’t this revelation help? Sometimes, when managing a restaurant, we need just that—to know that we’re not alone. Sometimes, we seek guidance or inspiration. All that can be found online nowadays. Coming across useful pro resources, though, may be tricky in the abundance of websites made for those who simply love to eat. So in this post, we’d like to share a few of the best restaurant management blogs we find practical and inspiring—the ones we actually read despite being swamped in our daily routine.

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15 stunning things we’ve learned about America

My father has never been to America and hasn’t met a single American in his entire life—and yet my dad is pretty sure that he knows everything about America and the Americans. He’s seen many movies, he’s heard some stories on the news, he’s read a few books—and now Dad is of the opinion that he doesn’t need anything beyond that to make his judgment. Here’s the thing. There are millions of people like him all over the world.

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What will happen if you give away 500 pizzas for free

It was an obvious and frightening risk, but we plucked up our spirits and took a leap of faith. The Dodo Pizza grand opening was coming, and we had to decide how to let people know that there is a new pizzeria in town. We could place some ads in local newspapers. We could give away flyers on the streets. We could launch an online contest. But instead of all this common marketing stuff, we decided to try out just one thing: give a free pizza to each of the 500 people who signed up for our pizza trials.

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A 2-click order: how we’ve made it real

Let me tell you one thing right off the bat. We aren’t smarter than the smartest people in the market. That’s not the case. We have just been more determined. It turns out that sometimes, determination is all you need to make a difference and get what you want. At least, now we’ve got what we wanted—a website where you can order a pizza in just two clicks, even though it usually takes around a dozen or more.

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