How to recruit faster: what we do to speed up hiring at our startup

OK, we’ve got a problem: the business is growing. It sure brings excitement to our CEO, but it also brings tons of trouble to our IT team, which has to keep up with the pace.

All our pizzerias are run by our own IT system. It’s responsible for every step of our pizza making.

By the end of 2016, we at Dodo Pizza had 154 pizza shops in 9 countries. Now it’s 247. The guys from the franchise department brag that by the end of the year it could be 300 easily.

The growth itself takes its toll on our infrastructure, which needs bolstering. The expansion also increases the demand for new features: the more people join our pizza chain, the more they expect from us.

Obviously, we need more developers to join our 60-person team. And we need them today (or even better, yesterday). The question is: how do you speed up hiring without compromising on recruitment “quality”?

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Changing Dodo Story to contribute more—and (hopefully) make it a useful management blog

We’re missing something. That’s what our team has been thinking while working on this blog lately. And rightly so, because actually, we’ve been missing a lot. Dodo Story was created as a management blog for a global audience of entrepreneurs and leaders. From day one, the blog covered the story of our American branch from the management point of view, which was quite a ballsy attempt to barge into a crowded pizza market in a small college city in the States (Oxford, Mississippi, to be precise). We had our moments on this blog…

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Best restaurant management blogs: feeds we love and actually read

“I’m not the only one who deals with such a mess.” Doesn’t this revelation help? Sometimes, when managing a restaurant, we need just that—to know that we’re not alone. Sometimes, we seek guidance or inspiration. All that can be found online nowadays. Coming across useful pro resources, though, may be tricky in the abundance of websites made for those who simply love to eat. So in this post, we’d like to share a few of the best restaurant management blogs we find practical and inspiring—the ones we actually read despite being swamped in our daily routine.

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15 stunning things we’ve learned about America

My father has never been to America and hasn’t met a single American in his entire life—and yet my dad is pretty sure that he knows everything about America and the Americans. He’s seen many movies, he’s heard some stories on the news, he’s read a few books—and now Dad is of the opinion that he doesn’t need anything beyond that to make his judgment. Here’s the thing. There are millions of people like him all over the world.

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