Our 8 best moves in the US…so far

On this blog, we’ve always been challenging ourselves to share with you guys what we learn from mistakes we make. You might remember the post about our infamous milkshake fiasco or the sad story of puny Dodo Pizza’s productivity in Oxford. But this post will be a bit different. Now I’m going to tell you about 8 things we decided not to do in Oxford—that were totally right.

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We just saw our first profit in the US

Actually, we hit it in June. But it took a while for our finance people to crunch the numbers and come up with the P&L spreadsheet for June. Our business plan published almost a year ago predicted that the pizzeria would lose money for at least half a year. Lately, we had a hunch that the forecast was probably too pessimistic. Still, $1,791 in profits in June took us all by surprise.

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Erin, John, and Austin go to Russia

You never know when your life will make a sharp turn. Today you apply for a part-time job at a local pizza place in hopes of earning some pocket money, tomorrow you find yourself thinking about opening your own pizza delivery, and the day after, you’re boarding a plane for Russia. I bet three Oxonians—Erin Crockett, John Swinkowski, and Austin Whiteside—didn’t see that coming when they crossed the threshold of Dodo Pizza Oxford a few months ago.

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How to make everyone in town try Dodo Pizza

Fact: 74% of people in Oxford who tried Dodo Pizza once placed an order at least one more time since the day we opened. So logic says that in order to boost sales, we need to prompt Oxonians to sample our pizza. The chances that a person trying our pizza will remain Dodo Pizza customer are pretty high. Initiating first try might sounds like a piece of cake—just get your coupons and discounts ready! But we find that boring. And old-fashioned. And annoying. So, we’ve come up with something better. Here’s what we have in mind (and actually have started working on).

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