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Dodo Pizza Owner Announces California Expansion

16 January 2019

Maxim Kotin

Maxim Kotin

Dodo Pizza storyteller

One of Oxford’s newest pizza restaurants, Dodo Pizza, quickly became one of the community’s most loved places to grab a slice. Now the owner says the brand is pursuing an opportunity of a lifetime by expanding to California.

Alena Tikhova, owner and CEO of Dodo Pizza, began the Russian-based pizza company in Oxford in the summer of 2015. She then led the charge to expand into Southaven and Memphis shortly after. The store uses a unique approach to the regional marketplace by only serving high-grade ingredients like meats and cheeses flown in from New York, dough made from scratch in-store, and fresh herbs that top each slice of their premium pizza.

“The opportunity was a coincidence,” Tikhova said about moving the brand across the country. “We believe the Los Angeles area is a good market for us to be in.”

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15 January 2019

Dodo Pizza store count 2018

Fyodor Ovchinnikov

Fyodor Ovchinnikov

Dodo Pizza CEO

The retail business is like a sport—a constant competition with clear statistics. In 2018, we widened the gap between ourselves and our closest competitors in terms of store count in Russia. Now the question is if Papa John’s will keep second place or lose it to Domino’s in 2019.

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09 January 2019

Fyodor Ovchinnikov

Fyodor Ovchinnikov

Dodo Pizza CEO

In 2018, our whole chain’s sales revenue amounted to 214 million dollars (13.6 billion rubles). That’s more than we had planned. Russian pizzerias have brought us 12.33 billion rubles, all other countries combined, 1.271 billion rubles. There was a time when we celebrated the first billion rubles in overall revenue, and now just the pizzerias outside Russia bring us more than that. For seven years, our pizza chain has doubled each year (+118% in 2018). And our question is, will we be able to repeat that again in this new year?

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Dodo in Los Angeles

08 January 2019

Fyodor Ovchinnikov

Fyodor Ovchinnikov

Dodo Pizza CEO

In the very last days of December, the first Dodo Pizza in Los Angeles suddenly appeared :-)

Our American partner Alena Tikhova has reached an agreement with a local pizza delivery service, and now it takes the Dodo Pizza brand and passes under control of our team. Those who live in California will have a chance to try our American pizza in an LA suburb. Stay tuned!

By the end of 2018, we’ve had 440 pizzerias in our chain, though we had planned to reach 450. The figures are as follows:

In Russia, there are 383 pizzerias (20 of them are our own corporate pizzerias, not franchisees).
In Kazakhstan, 28.
In Belarus, 9.
In Romania, 6.
In the USA, 3.
In Lithuania, 3.
In Estonia, 2.
In Kyrgyzstan, 2.
In China, 2.
In the United Kingdom, 1.
And in Uzbekistan, 1.

Our first Belarusian pizzerias opened in October 2018, and by the end of the year Belarus has come out third in this rating. Now that’s what we call a good start :-)

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Next Year is the Key

31 December 2018

Next Year is the Key

Fyodor Ovchinnikov

Fyodor Ovchinnikov

Dodo Pizza CEO

A New Year’s Day is a relative point, but it measures time. It’s good to take stock of what’s done and set new goals for the future. Today I’ve asked myself a simple question—what was the key moment for our company in 2018? Not an easy question. There are many answers, but what was the most important thing in terms of the long-range prospects of our business?

In 2018, our company has become profitable. We’ve been trying to achieve this for seven years. Dodo Pizza is a franchising company, so the parent...

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