Our 8 best moves in the US…so far

On this blog, we’ve always been challenging ourselves to share with you guys what we learn from mistakes we make. You might remember the post about our infamous milkshake fiasco or the sad story of puny Dodo Pizza’s productivity in Oxford. But this post will be a bit different. Now I’m going to tell you about 8 things we decided not to do in Oxford—that were totally right.

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7 insights from our website

As you probably know, Dodo Pizza Oxford doesn’t take orders via phone—we decided to cut off the landline to save money. As a sort of bonus, now we have plenty of information about our customers. The Internet knows everything, and our website for Oxford has been up and running for more than three months. So we dove into the data hoping to glean a few meaningful insights about our customers and their needs. Spoiler: the effort has totally paid off.

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Good enough is not enough

“Everything can always be done better than it is being done—even a pizza,” Henry Ford said once. Really? Okay, you got me. He didn’t actually mention a pizza. That’s my fib. But the rest of the sentence is true. And Ford’s rule works in our business like in any other—which can be quite a challenge if your pizza is good already. And ours, well, isn’t bad.

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Ugly truths: not every cool business idea is worth the trouble

Almost any new idea looks cool—until you start implementing it. Our cool idea was to sell milkshakes at Dodo Pizza. And back when we first started, the logic seemed cogent. Americans love milkshakes. Nobody in the pizza delivery business sells them. And most importantly, milkshakes perfectly fit our trendy concept.

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