How much Russians love pizza: Dodo’s study of the Russian pizza market

Okay, we’ve been in the pizza business for almost seven years. And recently, we asked ourselves: in general, how popular is pizza in Russia—our home country, where Dodo Pizza is the market leader?

With more than 230 deliveries, we now have the biggest pizza chain in Russia. Today, the Dodo brand is present in the capital, as much as in Russia’s regional centers and small towns from Kaliningrad, the country’s western outposts, to the Far East. If anyone has the data to answer this question, it’s us.

So our team crunched some numbers, and it turned out that…

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Go to gemba: why Dodo Pizza’s office is going to be empty today

When somebody mentions gemba, it always makes me think of veggie smoothies. You know you should drink them because they are super healthy. But you never do.

Too much trouble and not as tasty as a greasy bun with some fried beef and cheese from the fancy burger joint around the corner.

Have no doubt: gemba is as healthy for your company as the smoothies are for your body. Yet while millions tout the benefits of the gemba process and continuous improvement and hammer home again and again how good it is to go to gemba, mere dozens put these ideas into practice.

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How to market a restaurant…without marketing it

People often ask me how we’ve done it. We barged into a crowded market with a generic product. We didn’t have any brand. We didn’t spend oodles of money on advertising, coupons, and promotions, like our competitors were doing. And while usually in our industry others go out of business in six months or a year, we saw profit in the second month. A year and a half later, we are still in business—and expanding. In this post, I’ll tell you how to market a restaurant without marketing it or at least how we did it—and how you can probably do the same in your niche.

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Best restaurant management blogs: feeds we love and actually read

“I’m not the only one who deals with such a mess.” Doesn’t this revelation help? Sometimes, when managing a restaurant, we need just that—to know that we’re not alone. Sometimes, we seek guidance or inspiration. All that can be found online nowadays. Coming across useful pro resources, though, may be tricky in the abundance of websites made for those who simply love to eat. So in this post, we’d like to share a few of the best restaurant management blogs we find practical and inspiring—the ones we actually read despite being swamped in our daily routine.

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