Guess what happened when we offered a 100% money-back guarantee to all unhappy customers

This April, we promised to return money paid for any order that left our customers unsatisfied. Late delivery? Missing drink? Cold pizza? Just a pizza you didn’t like? Doesn’t matter. We encouraged our unhappy customers to call or leave a message on Facebook, tell us what the issue was, and get all their money back.

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Why giving away free pizzas hasn’t worked for us

Everyone thought the idea was as genius as it was simple. We all believed in our product and expected that after trying our pizza, nobody could fight the temptation to order and devour it again. So half a year ago, we threw our cap over the mill and offered a free pizza to literally each Oxonian who had never ordered from Dodo Pizza before.

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We’re back

As you’ve probably already noticed, we disappeared from this blog for quite a long time. The reason is that we’ve been busy. Oxford is a college town in Mississippi where things get crazy during the fall. Students are back, and even more importantly, the football season takes off. Now it’s over, and we can finally catch our breath and sum everything up.

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How to make everyone in town try Dodo Pizza

Fact: 74% of people in Oxford who tried Dodo Pizza once placed an order at least one more time since the day we opened. So logic says that in order to boost sales, we need to prompt Oxonians to sample our pizza. The chances that a person trying our pizza will remain Dodo Pizza customer are pretty high. Initiating first try might sounds like a piece of cake—just get your coupons and discounts ready! But we find that boring. And old-fashioned. And annoying. So, we’ve come up with something better. Here’s what we have in mind (and actually have started working on).

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What will happen if you give away 500 pizzas for free

It was an obvious and frightening risk, but we plucked up our spirits and took a leap of faith. The Dodo Pizza grand opening was coming, and we had to decide how to let people know that there is a new pizzeria in town. We could place some ads in local newspapers. We could give away flyers on the streets. We could launch an online contest. But instead of all this common marketing stuff, we decided to try out just one thing: give a free pizza to each of the 500 people who signed up for our pizza trials.

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