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How we failed to hit the store opening deadline

We said October. October was planned to be the month of the grand opening for Dodo Pizza in Oxford. The days passed by, and the date of the opening crept into November, then December. Now I have to admit that we won’t be able to open our first store in the USA this year. The construction work on the site has been initiated, though, and now we’re looking at late January 2016. A 4-month delay isn’t really a complete disaster considering the fact that we’re going through all this for the first time in the USA. But the pace of the project could have been different if we had not made certain mistakes. Let’s look through some of the lessons we learned.

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7 solutions to skyrocket kitchen efficiency

Kitchen layouts should be made by the laziest people on earth, ideally. They understand why every single step matters. And it really does. At this point, we’ve been through a few versions of the kitchen layout for our first pizzeria in the US. The main goal was to think ahead of all the processes that might affect our productivity and efficiency in the kitchen. We hope that by getting rid of some unnecessary steps, we’ve made ourselves a room for handling more orders during the rush hours.

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Just do it again

We were stuck. We couldn’t even inch forward and didn’t know what to do. And, to tell you the truth, it was a disaster. Our promise was to open the first Dodo Pizza store in Oxford in October. Our investors, employees, and customers (and some Oxford residents, too) were expecting us to keep that promise. And we did our best not to let them down. But in July, after a few months of hard work, we still didn’t have a location for the store Read more “Just do it again”


How to find the best location for a pizzeria

I’ve spent many hours feasting my eyes on our business plan for the first Dodo Pizza delivery in Oxford. Then I pinched myself. A nice business plan is nothing but a dream. If you want that dream to come true, you should wake up and start doing something to move toward your goal. In our case, the first and most important step forward was to find a good location. And that task has never been an easy one Read more “How to find the best location for a pizzeria”