What We’ve Done: Dodo Oxford Weekly #1

Ideas are worth nothing if you can’t implement them. And if your idea is big enough, like ours, you can’t implement it right away. You achieve big goals only by taking many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many small steps. Our readers are welcome to come with us. We aren’t opening just another pizza delivery store—our goal is to change the pizza market, or at least to fail trying. :) Every week we’ll be publishing a post and sharing with you what we’ve done to make it happen.


We went to Jackson to meet Hotel and Restaurant Supply and a representative of a construction company, called InVison. We had been told that Hotel and Restaurant Supply had an impressive equipment showroom.


That turned to be true. We also got a chance to browse around a couple of restaurants on a college campus in Jackson to get familiar with the way our potential general contractor does his job.

Photo: Woodson Ridge Farms

We have compiled a food cost calculation file and found out that having better ingredients results in higher food cost, which lowers your profit margin dramatically (surprise surprise!). Inhale, exhale. Now we’re super motivated to work towards lowering the food cost (from average 28% to at least 22%) without losing in product quality.

We’ve made some changes to the kitchen layout again. Well, I’ve counted 11 different versions so far. The main goal of this series of improvements was to make the kitchen super efficient, which is vital during peak hours. The final decision we made allows us to move forward to the construction stage. This is where the rock-n-roll starts!


We’ve got four different types of flour samples from Ardent Mills shipped to the PMQ office! Our team has made 25 pounds of dough using one of the company’s bestsellers—Kyrol Premium High Gluten Flour. Well, the PMQ crew will decide next week whether we should go for it or try something else. Those lucky ones will be the first to have a chance to try Dodo Pizza recipes in the United States!


Who doesn’t like fancy T-shirts? They’re charming, cozy, and sexy at the same time. We decided to give our T-shirts as a small present specially created for the first Dodo Pizza fans in Oxford. We would love to see people going out on Friday night wearing those T-shirts (rather than throwing them on before they do their gardening). Therefore, the style really matters!

Our first corporate car (called DoDoDoDge by our team) is experiencing some style improvements too. It will be pretty distinctive in the streets of Oxford. I personally like the rear window’s phrase. So damn true!


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Alena Tikhova,
Product and Marketing Director
at Dodo Pizza Franchising

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