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Best restaurant management blogs: feeds we love and actually read

31 August 2017

Maxim Kotin

Chief storyteller

Maxim Kotin

“I’m not the only one who deals with such a mess.” Doesn’t this revelation help? Sometimes, when managing a restaurant, we need just that—to know that we’re not alone. Sometimes, we seek guidance or inspiration. All that can be found online nowadays. Coming across useful pro resources, though, may be tricky in the abundance of websites made for those who simply love to eat. So in this post, we’d like to share a few of the best restaurant management blogs we find practical and inspiring—the ones we actually read despite being swamped in our daily routine.

Toast Restaurant Management Blog

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Toast is a POS-management system developed by a team from Boston, MA. These guys know the challenges people face in the kitchen. So, for their blog, they choose topics wisely. How do you hire new employees? How do you balance your budget? How do you avoid mistakes in online marketing? Every aspect of restaurant management is being covered by the members of Toast’s team or guest experts. Check out a post about scheduling to get a taste of this awesome blog.

Open for business

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“Open for business” is supported by Opentable—an online service that allows customers to make reservations at restaurants in a few clicks. Their blog focuses on interviews with chefs and managers, and it gives you a valuable sense of real people’s struggles. The team also shares links to noteworthy industry news on a weekly basis, which helps with keeping an eye on what’s going on in the world.

Modern Restaurant Management

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This independent blog aims to be a “go-to resource” for every restaurant industry professional. And it’s doing a pretty good job covering all the most significant aspects of the business with the help of guest experts. Posts are often supported with elaborate infographics. Don’t miss their regular section that offers restaurant marketing ideas for the next month—it can be an excellent aid in planning your promo activities.

The Restaurant Expert

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If reading isn’t your thing and you prefer watching or listening, give this blog a try. It’s supported by a training company that helps restaurateurs fix their businesses and achieve their potential. These guys are used to talking—so they choose to shoot videos instead of writing long posts (which for some of us makes it one of the best restaurant management blogs).

Dodo Pizza Story

Don’t forget the blog you’re reading now. Without tooting our own horn, I just want to point out one distinctive feature of our website. Unlike many other bloggers, we’re not consultants or pundits—we’re practitioners aiming to build a chain of next-level pizza deliveries in the US. So we describe a real business story as it happens. Having opened our books to the public, we share everything we learn while growing our business (for example, take a look at our pizza delivery business plan or our struggles over kitchen efficiency).


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We couldn’t—and actually didn’t want to—resist the temptation to add to this list just one site that’s made for consumers. Having a broader view of what’s going on in the eating world in general never hurts. Eater gives you exactly that. One of the most popular web resources for foodies, it covers everything from fast food to ritzy restaurants, and the news site does it in a fun and modern way, so following it won’t be a burden.

A few more blogs for restaurant owners and managers you might want to check out:

Restaurant Engine—weekly blog offered by a team of website designers focused on making online menus.

Aaron, Allen & Associates—a blog by a restaurant consulting firm.

Quick Service Restaurants—an online version of a magazine for restaurant professionals.

PMQ Pizza Magazine—for those who are in the pizza business.

FastCasual—news related to one of the trendiest food industries of the 21st century.

If you know any other website worth mentioning among the best restaurant management blogs, please let us know. We’d be thrilled to learn about it and put it on the list.

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