05 December 2017

Dodo Pizza in November: one store’s biggest sales ever

Dodo Pizza Bucharest
Maxim Kotin

Maxim Kotin

Dodo Pizza storyteller

Dodo Pizza makes its monthly sales for every pizza shop public. We do this as a part of our open-book management practice. You can always find all the data in the Dodo Pizza monthly sales spreadsheet, which has just been updated with the November results. Let me highlight a few noteworthy figures.

Our first corporate pizzeria in Moscow, Russia (Moscow 0–1) saw $79,017 in sales. Compared to October, that’s a 25.15% growth rate.

Among pizza shops opened less than a year ago, this pizzeria now ranks as one of the most successful, which proves that our business model is as competitive in the capital as it is in other regions (which probably causes some angst to our friends from Domino’s, since historically, Moscow has been their turf).

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The second corporate shop in Moscow (Moscow 0–11) isn’t doing that bad either—$54,053 in sales, with 29% growth (5th month of operations!).

Our partners in Samara, Russia should also be pretty proud of themselves: in November, Samara-3, being a three-year-old pizzeria, managed to grow 3.01% compared to October and set a new chain record—$145,009 in monthly sales.

Kudos to Vladimir Goretsky, our partner from Smolensk, Russia. In 2015, his team launched Dodo Pizza in Kaluga, Russia—a city with a strong local competitor. It started a bloody battle for the market that wasn’t going in Vladimir’s favor in the beginning. In November, Kaluga-1 sales exceeded 3,000,000 rubles ($50,908) for the first time in history.

The very first Dodo Pizza in Novosibirsk, Russia is off to a good start. $48,271 in November sales—in the third month of operations.

The same sentiment goes to Dodo’s first location in Bucharest, Romania that saw $47,177 in sales with 21.44% growth compared to October (it was its 5th month of operations).

[big_small_image image=“14879”]

Anything disappointing? Well, both Dodo Pizza shops in China are struggling to find their growth engine: Yantai saw $25,847 in sales, which isn’t as bad as in Hangzhou, where our partner made only $7,840 in November.

The sales in Oxford, MS—our first American venture—dropped from $62,966 in October to $48,982 in November. But it’s not as bad as it looks: compared to November 2016, it’s still a 14.20% growth rate.

That’s it for now. Back to work!

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