14 December 2018

Mr. Xie
Fyodor Ovchinnikov

Fyodor Ovchinnikov

Dodo Pizza CEO

Meet Mr. Xie. Mr. Xie is a real estate agent. He works with retail property. And he believes in us. We wouldn’t be able to meet the managers of a big shopping mall in Hangzhou and interest them in collaboration with Dodo Pizza if it wasn’t for him. Personal relationships and contacts are very important in China. Why did Mr. Xie help us? He saw the long-term opportunities and felt that he could trust us. He has yet to make money from our collaboration, but he’s already done a lot. A few days ago, he invited managers of shopping malls all over Hangzhou to WeWork so we could do a presentation of our company and the concept of our pizzeria here. As per usual in China, a lot of precise and straightforward questions were asked. And after that, we invited everybody to dinner. In China, a good business meeting always ends with a meal. Business, relationships, and food are inseparable here. I’m certain that everybody who was there will come to our “pizzeria of the future” grand opening, and this will be a new beginning and a new step forward for us. Today we plant the seeds with open hearts, and tomorrow some of them are bound to grow. Thank you, Mr. Xie. We will not let you down. We highly appreciate our partnership and your trust.

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