Dodo Pizza’s monthly report

24 September 2019

Maxim Kotin

Chief storyteller

Maxim Kotin

At Dodo Pizza, we build our business on the principle of radical transparency.

For example, our customers can see online how their pizza is made via webcams installed in the kitchens, while our partners can always study the weekly sales of any Dodo Pizza unit in our Store Sales ranking.

As a part of this policy, we also publish a monthly financial report.

The report provides a more broad overview of our business (you can check, for example, our store count, system sales, year-over-year and week-over-week dynamics in different regions, P&L of our managing company, as well as our company-owned chain’s).

On this page, you’ll always find the latest report.

Don’t forget that right on our start page, you can also subscribe to our newsletter and receive these monthly updates by email.

Click on the cover below to see the report. 👇

Dodo Pizza's monthly report

See also: Consolidated financial statements of DP Global Group Limited, Dodo Pizza’s holding company

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