Domino’s wants me to delete its mentions on Facebook because I’m a rival’s CEO. Should I?

A few days ago, I received an official request from Domino’s Pizza Russia’s CEO, Guvenc Donmez. Mr. Donmez asked me to delete my posts that mention Domino’s from my personal pages on Facebook and Vkontakte (the most popular social networks in Russia). The grounds? Since I’m the CEO of Dodo Pizza, my posts allegedly express the company’s official position.

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The Manifesto: How to Do What Can’t Be Done

Wanna know a simple but powerful secret of self-motivation? Here it is: To discover an inexhaustible source of energy, you simply come up with a bold idea, set an ambitious goal and find someone who’ll state that it’s impossible to reach (this won’t be difficult). I’ve been using this technique since I started my first blog and launched my first business, and it has always worked like a charm. When someone says I’ll fail, it drives me crazy and urges me to work even harder to achieve my goals Read more “The Manifesto: How to Do What Can’t Be Done”


How I got $1 million, and even more

All people want to be lucky, but very few realize that true luck is the lack of any luck. My story is the best proof. I had bad luck of growing up in a country such as Russia — so hostile to entrepreneurship that only 2.6% of people living there wanted to open a business. It was the worst rate across 70 countries. Moreover, I didn’t live in a large and rich city, such as Moscow or Saint Petersburg. My hometown was Syktyvkar, a gloomy and distant northern settlement, located at the same latitude in Russia as Anchorage, Alaska in the US Read more “How I got $1 million, and even more”