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Why a pizza can’t fly

11 November 2015

Why a pizza can’t fly

The story of a world-shaking innovative enterprise should start in a garage. The story of a flying pizza is no exception to this rule. One day in the spring of 2014, a police department in Syktyvkar, a city in Northwestern Russia, got a call from a concerned person who reported that a few suspicious young men occupied a garage in his neighborhood. They were making a lot of noise and were bothering all the respectable citizens living in the area.

When policemen arrived at the location, they did find a few people in the garage, although the crime scene looked somewhat...

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How I got $1 million, and even more

27 May 2015

How I got $1 million, and even more

All people want to be lucky, but very few realize that true luck is the lack of any luck. My story is the best proof. I had bad luck of growing up in a country such as Russia — so hostile to entrepreneurship that only 2.6% of people living there wanted to open a business. It was the worst rate across 70 countries. Moreover, I didn’t live in a large and rich city, such as Moscow or Saint Petersburg. My hometown was Syktyvkar, a gloomy and distant northern settlement, located at the same latitude in Russia as Anchorage, Alaska in the US.


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