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A tough day

24 April 2018

A tough day

Last Saturday happened to be a very tough day for our company. And this week is going to be even tougher.

We’ve been working on our first campaign on national TV for the whole year. It was a complex project involving every aspect of our business. We and our partners invested more $1.6 mln in it. And on Saturday, just when the sales got to their peak, a part of our system failed because of a too-high workload.

It led to a major meltdown in our business. Our website and mobile apps didn’t work for three hours. And most of...

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A pretty scary backlog: the dark side of managing a large-scale IT project

21 March 2018

A pretty scary backlog: the dark side of managing a large-scale IT project

Something is wrong at Dodo Pizza

Something is wrong at Dodo Pizza.

We set a challenging goal for ourselves to create the world’s most advanced IT system for a retail business.

We put together an IT team of sixty developers and analytics and gave them the freedom to follow any unorthodox development practices they deemed helpful.

They all worked like crazy and built an impressive large-scale IT product that now makes it possible to manage a chain of more than 300 pizza shops and process tens of thousands of orders every day.

Yet the people inside and around the company have become, to put it mildly, pretty frustrated...

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7 things on our website other pizza chains don't have

11 February 2016

7 things on our website other pizza chains don’t have

As mentioned in previous posts, we’ve challenged ourselves to develop a super simple website where you can order a pizza in just two clicks. But since our business model is new to the market, the website also plays the role of a platform where Dodo Pizza clients can learn more about our company. Our business is all about teamwork, transparency, great value for fair prices, simplicity, and IT. How do you keep a website simple and at the same time let it speak for the company without getting too serious?

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A 2-click order: how we’ve made it real

25 January 2016

A 2‑click order: how we’ve made it real

Let me tell you one thing right off the bat. We aren’t smarter than the smartest people in the market. That’s not the case. We have just been more determined. It turns out that sometimes, determination is all you need to make a difference and get what you want. At least, now we’ve got what we wanted—a website where you can order a pizza in just two clicks, even though it usually takes around a dozen or more.

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The Manifesto: How to Do What Can’t Be Done

25 June 2015

The Manifesto: How to Do What Can’t Be Done

Wanna know a simple but powerful secret of self-motivation? Here it is: To discover an inexhaustible source of energy, you simply come up with a bold idea, set an ambitious goal and find someone who’ll state that it’s impossible to reach (this won’t be difficult). I’ve been using this technique since I started my first blog and launched my first business, and it has always worked like a charm. When someone says I’ll fail, it drives me crazy and urges me to work even harder to achieve my goals.

It helped me open the first Dodo Pizza and make it...

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