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02 August 2016

Erin, John, and Austin go to Russia

Alena Tikhova

Alena Tikhova

Dodo Pizza partner

You never know when your life will make a sharp turn. Today you apply for a part-time job at a local pizza place in hopes of earning some pocket money, tomorrow you find yourself thinking about opening your own pizza delivery, and the day after, you’re boarding a plane for Russia. I bet three Oxonians—Erin Crockett, John Swinkowski, and Austin Whiteside—didn’t see that coming when they crossed the threshold of Dodo Pizza Oxford a few months ago.

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Dodo Pizza Expedition: the adventure begins

27 February 2016

Dodo Pizza Expedition: the adventure begins

Maxim Kotin

Maxim Kotin

Dodo Pizza storyteller

Some folks say that we will fail in the US because we don’t know the market. And that’s (partly) true. We don’t. That’s why we’ve decided not only to open a pizzeria in the US, but to set out on the Dodo Pizza expedition.

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