Epic news: Dodo Pizza joining forces with UNO Pizza in Germany

It was a historic occurrence! Every Monday in the morning, all of our teams gather at our office for a half hour meetup. Usually, a few managers give speeches to bring everybody up to speed on the recent developments at the company. Sometimes, the floor is taken by our guests—usually our partners from other cities. But yesterday, we had the most unusual Monday meetup ever. For the first time in our history, our speaker gave his speech not in Russian, not even in English, but in German. It was Thomas Kochmann.

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Why a pizza can’t fly

The story of a world-shaking innovative enterprise should start in a garage. The story of a flying pizza is no exception to this rule. One day in the spring of 2014, a police department in Syktyvkar, a city in Northwestern Russia, got a call from a concerned person who reported that a few suspicious young men occupied a garage in his neighborhood. They were making a lot of noise and were bothering all the respectable citizens living in the area.

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