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07 August 2018

Within 18 months, our business in Europe (Romania, Lithuania, Estonia, and the UK) has grown from €139K to €478K in monthly sales, despite our focus on Russia, Dodo Pizza’s home market.

Now we’re giving a boost to our global growth and aiming to open in one new country every two months. Next in line: Belarus, Slovenia, then probably Germany, Ukraine and Moldova.

In Russia, we faced another problem: all the big and rich cities are “sold out,” which makes it hard to attract new partners. Our solution: taking our b2b marketing up to a new level. We’ve developed 30 separate landings for 30 most prospective cities that are still available for franchisees.

Learn more about these and other developments with the company while watching our latest Monday meeting (in English):

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Our sausage pizza goes to trials

11 December 2015

Our sausage pizza goes to trials

Launching a pizzeria, you have to do tons of different things. It's easy to forget that only one thing will matter in the end. You can rent the best location in town, come up with some smart IT solutions, and even use drones to make fast deliveries. But it won’t make any difference if your pizza tastes like a cheesy sock. Good taste is the ultimate goal. For the last few months, the Dodo Pizza team has been working hard to perfect our recipes and find the best ingredients. Of course, we wanted to make sure...

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