Our 8 best moves in the US…so far

On this blog, we’ve always been challenging ourselves to share with you guys what we learn from mistakes we make. You might remember the post about our infamous milkshake fiasco or the sad story of puny Dodo Pizza’s productivity in Oxford. But this post will be a bit different. Now I’m going to tell you about 8 things we decided not to do in Oxford—that were totally right.

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Ugly truths: not every cool business idea is worth the trouble

Almost any new idea looks cool—until you start implementing it. Our cool idea was to sell milkshakes at Dodo Pizza. And back when we first started, the logic seemed cogent. Americans love milkshakes. Nobody in the pizza delivery business sells them. And most importantly, milkshakes perfectly fit our trendy concept.

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Why our customers get mad at us

It’s been more than three weeks since we opened our first store in the US, and we’ve gotten some feedback from our customers. Almost every day, a few people ask if they can customize their pies. But they can’t. They won’t. We don’t allow that. Some people even get mad when they hear, “I’m sorry, but you can’t change the recipe.” Almost all pizzerias in the US have this option, but we have a whole bunch of reasons for not having it.

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What will happen if you give away 500 pizzas for free

It was an obvious and frightening risk, but we plucked up our spirits and took a leap of faith. The Dodo Pizza grand opening was coming, and we had to decide how to let people know that there is a new pizzeria in town. We could place some ads in local newspapers. We could give away flyers on the streets. We could launch an online contest. But instead of all this common marketing stuff, we decided to try out just one thing: give a free pizza to each of the 500 people who signed up for our pizza trials.

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7 things on our website other pizza chains don’t have

As mentioned in previous posts, we’ve challenged ourselves to develop a super simple website where you can order a pizza in just two clicks. But since our business model is new to the market, the website also plays the role of a platform where Dodo Pizza clients can learn more about our company. Our business is all about teamwork, transparency, great value for fair prices, simplicity, and IT. How do you keep a website simple and at the same time let it speak for the company without getting too serious?

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