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12 August 2018

We’re looking for an HR director for our global head office.

We used to be a small company, but things have changed. We’re on the cusp of change. Our team has a real chance to build the first Russian-born but global b2c company. We need to scale, but we don’t want to lose our values and culture. We want to stay open-minded and street-smart. We don’t want to become a corporation in the bad sense of the word. At the same time, we have to create a super efficient company. So we are in great need of a skillful HR director who will make use of everything we’ve created so far and who will develop it into a solid system for attracting and growing new talents.

Dodo Pizza is already a pretty big business. And it will become even bigger. So we’re ready to welcome a seasoned manager. Besides a competitive salary and insanely challenging goals, we offer members of our team the most important treasure we own—the company’s shares. We want to work with partners and share the success we create together.

In a few years, our system-wide sales will reach $1 billion, and they will continue growing because our business has no boundaries. There is a pizza market all over the world, and we can offer a competitive advantage in this market: our own IT system. Someday, we’ll go public.

We’re already looking for a new office for Dodo Pizza Global in Moscow downtown. Our current venue can’t accomodate us all. With our future HR director, we’ll build a dream space to foster creativity. We have “big hairy goals” and we have resources to reach them.

I’ll be glad to meet with HR directors of big companies for a coffee and describe all our plans in detail. Consider this offer even if you don’t want to leave your current position at the moment. No strings attached. Ideas and experience exchange are valuable by themselves. I’m always ready to meet new, interesting people. No doubt that it will be a win-win no matter what the result.
Email me at my personal address fedor@sila-uma.ru.

Here is our brand manifesto. We are open!


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A tough day

24 April 2018

A tough day

Last Saturday happened to be a very tough day for our company. And this week is going to be even tougher.

We’ve been working on our first campaign on national TV for the whole year. It was a complex project involving every aspect of our business. We and our partners invested more $1.6 mln in it. And on Saturday, just when the sales got to their peak, a part of our system failed because of a too-high workload.

It led to a major meltdown in our business. Our website and mobile apps didn’t work for three hours. And most of...

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A pretty scary backlog: the dark side of managing a large-scale IT project

21 March 2018

A pretty scary backlog: the dark side of managing a large-scale IT project

Something is wrong at Dodo Pizza

Something is wrong at Dodo Pizza.

We set a challenging goal for ourselves to create the world’s most advanced IT system for a retail business.

We put together an IT team of sixty developers and analytics and gave them the freedom to follow any unorthodox development practices they deemed helpful.

They all worked like crazy and built an impressive large-scale IT product that now makes it possible to manage a chain of more than 300 pizza shops and process tens of thousands of orders every day.

Yet the people inside and around the company have become, to put it mildly, pretty frustrated...

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09 March 2018

3,100 inspections a month: how we go about quality control at Dodo Pizza

A guest in Astrakhan found a piece of a finger nail in his pizza.

In Smolensk, a driver was drunk while making a delivery.

In Naberezhnye Chelny, a customer had to wait for his order for... eight hours.

I wish all that happened in places that didn’t provide their services under the name of Dodo Pizza. But they did. No point in hiding it.

Every person who tried to build a large-scale business knows that blunders are inevitable. When your organization performs thousands of operations a day, people sometimes mess up. Things happen.

The real problem appears when things happen, but you don't have...

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Dodo cups

14 February 2018

Time to grow up: Dodo Pizza’s goals for 2018

Here is a recap of what we’re going to do differently in 2018

We’ve just opened our 300th pizza shop. Ta-da! To be honest, none of us can fully process this number. But we should—if we mean to stay in business.

Fast growth cannot be sustainable if you don’t evolve at an even faster pace and adapt to new challenges that present themselves when you get to the next level.

Our team has reached a landmark, and we have a feeling that the company now needs to revamp its strategy and rethink its principles.

Here is a recap of what we’re going to do differently in 2018.

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