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Rate your pizza: Dodo testing its killer feature

17 October 2018

Rate your pizza: Dodo testing its killer feature

If you are our customer, we want you to trash us. Was your pizza a disaster? Say it. Waited for eternity? Say it. Did we mess up your order? Say it. You think we’re idiots? Please, say that too.

Negative feedback is pure gold for our business. It allows our team to learn from mistakes and grow. And as with any precious resource, this gold is hard to come by—harder than many people think.

Most customers don’t like giving negative feedback. Because it’s not fun. They don’t want to look like jerks—they just keep...

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First national Pizza Day turned out to be a stress test

28 September 2018

First national Pizza Day turned out to be a stress test

Some national holidays skyrocket pizza sales, but how can you outperform even the biggest of them? By holding your own celebrations.

Last Sunday, the Dodo Pizza website attracted 160,000 visitors—more than twice as much as it did on February 23 and March 8 this year (both dates are huge holidays in Russia).

On September 23, there wasn’t any nationally recognized celebration in the country, though. Or maybe there was: Dodo Pizza held its first national Pizza Day, selling Pepperoni pizzas for just 100 rubles (less than $1.50) in dozens of locations....

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Dodo Pizza first tv ad campaign: the results

21 August 2018

Dodo Pizza first tv ad campaign: the results

Some people say nobody watches TV anymore. No use advertising your brand on national channels—go online! Yet this spring, Dodo Pizza launched its first nationwide TV campaign in Russia.

Three months later, Misha Chernyshev, the company’s marketing director, took the stage at Dodo Pizza’s yearly meetup to report on the results of this promo. Here is a recap of his keynote.

The campaign lasted for 42 days, and Dodo Pizza invested $1.6M in it.

67 million people saw our promo at least once, and 56% of them saw it more than 5 times.

For the first time in our history, our...

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Introducing pasta

02 August 2018

Soon, we’ll start selling pasta in all of our pizzerias in Russia!

Exclusively for Dodo Pizza, our supplier cooks pasta to the state of “al dente.” In our kitchens, we top it with mozzarella cheese, sauce, fresh mushrooms, and other ingredients. Then, everything is baked in the oven for 3–4 minutes at 300° degrees.

I tried it myself—super tasty! We’re looking forward to your feedback.

If you want to create and develop new products, manage and improve our menu in different countries, if you’re trained in marketing, or if you have a scientific mindset or just a natural gift and abundance of motivation, join our product team! Email the team leader Denis Chernovaev at d.chernobaev@dodopizza.com.

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18 April 2018

Dodo Pizza to invest $1.6 mln in its first national campaign on TV

This week, we’ve launched our first national ad campaign in Russia. It’s a huge step forward for the company, a new level, and on top of that, a great opportunity for our brand. Why?

It’s simple. Dodo Pizza has become the first brand to be promoted on national TV in the “pizza” category. Previously, our competitors aired their commercials only in regional blocks (for example, only in Moscow). Nobody did it across the country before us.

We’re investing a significant amount of money in this campaign—at least, for us. 100 million rubles—around $1.6 mln. We had to find the best...

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