Our latest financial report (and an opportunity for investors)

Our latest monthly financial report—Dodo Pizza’s key figures and achievements in March 2018.

Total sales: $17.14 mln—it’s around 981 mln rubles. Not that long ago, it took us a year to show this number in sales. As you may remember, in 2015, we set one billion rubles as the year’s primary goal which we met in December—though many people thought that it was beyond us.

Now we predict that our total MONTHLY sales will finally exceed 1 billion rubles in April. What about 1 billion dollars? We believe Dodo Pizza will see this number in its annual turnover in 3–4 years.

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Dodo Pizza in January: 115% year-over-year growth

Dodo Pizza’s new monthly report is here. Compared to December, January is a bit slower. Still, we saw pretty strong results. Here are a few highlights from the doc:

  • 16 pizza shops were opened in January; we ended the month at 297 pizzerias, with 63 more in the construction or design stages.
  • A new monthly sales record was set: $14.71 mln.
  • In Russia, the chain showed 115% year-over-year growth.

If you need more details, dig in:

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2017 results for Dodo: 280 pizza shops (+126), $109 mln in sales (116% growth)

It’s time to sum up the results of 2017 for Dodo Pizza. The main point: we haven’t made it.

In the beginning of 2017, we publicly set an ambitious goal: end the year with 400 pizza shops in the chain. This number looked insane and fantastic, but we did the math and came up with a solid plan that made it look doable.

We have always been setting challenging goals to hit in order to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and come up with unconventional solutions. We’ve worked hard. We’ve done probably everything we could. But we didn’t succeed.

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Do or die: our plan for Southaven

Let’s admit it: we chickened out. Two years ago, our team came up with a business model for Dodo Pizza that awed us. We aimed to offer a much better product for delivery, but for the same price people usually pay. Just before the launch, we pulled the plug and raised our prices. Now, with opening a new pizzeria in Southaven, we’re giving our old spunky idea a second chance.

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