Dodo Pizza Oxford overview: sales, profits, milestones

On this page, you’ll find the most essential data about Dodo Pizza Oxford. The goal of this blog is to help other fellow entrepreneurs who are also on the quest of growing their business from one restaurant or delivery to a small chain that can compete against national giants and make a difference in the community.

We open up about all of Dodo Pizza’s finances to give our readers an opportunity to get a general picture of how it is going for us, study our situation in detail, and maybe glean some useful insights for their own businesses.

Our pizzeria is located in Oxford, MS at 614 Jackson Ave E.

Dodo Pizza

Open since March, 2016.
Type: delivery & carryout.
Area: 850 sq. ft.
Our team: around 25 employees.
Social media: Facebook page

Monthly sales and profits

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February: before our grand opening, we send a free pizza to our first 500 beta tasters
March: Dodo Pizza Oxford is open!
April: in the second month of operation, the pizzeria generates a solid profit ($5,156, or 13,53% EBITDA)
July: our 5-year plan is published
November: we have survived our first football season in Oxford
26th, November: day sales record: $7,245
December: Dodo Virgin promo has been launched


January, 21: a point of sale opens on Ole Miss’ campus
February: monthly sales record—$52,550, a lease agreement for a store in Southaven, MS has been signed
March: we stop our Dodo Virgin promo that turned out to be a flop
April: construction work in Southaven has started, Dodo Pizza Oxford shows monthly profit record—$10,519 EBITDA
May: Dodo Pizza Oxford now provides catering for two Winchester factories

P&L spreadsheet

Dodo Pizza P&L

Click to see Dodo Pizza Oxford’s P&L with all essential data (labor cost, food cost, rent)

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