The movie

This movie is worth $1 million. At least that’s what we think. In 2013 Dodo Pizza was already a fast-growing chain of more than 20 pizzerias in Russia. Our core idea was to use the advantages of new technology, such as tablets and a cloud IT-system, and to re-build the whole fast-food business from the ground up.

It proved its value and we needed money to scale our success. We decided to raise 80 million roubles (more than $2 million) via crowdinvesting. Nobody did it in Russia before. We wanted to provide as much information about our ideas, values and plans as we could. Then the idea of making a movie came.

We shot the movie and put it on the web-site made for prospective investors. It did very well.

An investor, working for one of the venture capital firms, declared that we wouldn’t raise more than $100,000. I offered a bet — if we do, one day he would work at Dodo Pizza taking orders. This spring he had to spent a day working for us because we raised even more than we planned.

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