Dodo Pizza to invest $1.6 mln in its first national campaign on TV

18 April 2018

Fyodor Ovchinnikov

Dodo Pizza CEO

Fyodor Ovchinnikov

This week, we’ve launched our first national ad campaign in Russia. It’s a huge step forward for the company, a new level, and on top of that, a great opportunity for our brand. Why?

It’s simple. Dodo Pizza has become the first brand to be promoted on national TV in the “pizza” category. Previously, our competitors aired their commercials only in regional blocks (for example, only in Moscow). Nobody did it across the country before us.

We’re investing a significant amount of money in this campaign—at least, for us. 100 million rubles—around $1.6 mln. We had to find the best creative idea for the campaign. So, how did we find it?

We’ve been mulling over for quite a while what we should tell millions of people who will see our brand for the first time. That our pizza is super tasty? Or we are quick with deliveries? Or super friendly and cheerful? You can’t tell about everything. You must find one main idea.

We’ve come to the conclusion that at this point, we just need to deliver a simple message: “Pizza equals Dodo.” That’s it. Pizza = Dodo.

We’ve got a chance to be the first pizza brand on national TV. And, as a chain, we have the best coverage in terms of number of cities where our brand is present. Neither Papa John’s nor Domino’s have come even close to that many locations in Russia.

So, we must seize this opportunity to occupy the pizza category in people’s minds. They have to remember the word “dodo” and connect it with the word “pizza.” And when they want to order a pizza for delivery, they should recall Dodo Pizza.

We are lucky with this name. It’s easy to remember. So, all of our campaign is spinned around it. Football fans shout “Do-do!” when watching a game. A bridegroom and bride say “Dodo” instead of “yes.” Even the doorbell rings with “Dodo.” And the word “dobro,” which means “good” in Russia, becomes “dodobro” (but you’re free to read it as “Dodo, bro!” if you want).

Take a look at our first TV commercial.



And these are the billboards. By the way, in the photos, you see not professional models, but members of our team. Their emotions are sincere. You can’t fake this kind of enjoyment. :)

1 / 0

The campaign started on Monday. At the end of our TV commercials, we promoted our app and offered a free pizza for the first order placed through the app. On the same day, the phrase “dodo pizza” showed as the top search on the App Store.



Now, our app holds the 11th position in the most downloaded free apps ranking—not in the “Food & Beverages” category, but across all the categories.



Thrilled to learn how things will be unfolding for the next two months.

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