6th Dodo Partners and Managers Meetup Live

23 July 2018

Maxim Kotin

Chief storyteller

Maxim Kotin

Today is the day: the most important Dodo event of the year begins. And for the first time in our history, you can watch it online with translation in English.

No doubt it will be a day of big news for all of the people who build their business with Dodo Pizza. Because today is the first day of our yearly Partners and Managers Summit.

Our team will go on stage to publically commit to the most important goals we set to achieve within the next 12 months. A new, unexpected product, secretly tested in a few pizzerias, will be revealed. A new bold packaging strategy will be announced. And a ground-breaking decision with a potential to change the game for us and the whole industry will be shared.

And much more than that. Join 1,400 people who have come to Moscow from all over the world for this event—watch it online at 10 am Moscow time. 


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