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Dodo Pizza Tallinn

Dodo Pizza Tallinn

19 September 2018

Maxim Kotin

Dodo Pizza storyteller

Maxim Kotin

How successful can Dodo Pizza be outside Russia? Our branch in Estonia might give you a hint. In 2017, Dodo’s first pizza shop in Tallinn ranked as the tenth pizzeria in the chain in terms of sales. It made $1,185,356 last year.

In June 2018, our partner opened another pizza shop in Tallinn—just for delivery to start. Dine-in was launched in August. And last month, in the third month of its operations, our second location in Estonia’s capital saw €58,971 in sales. Which made it profitable right away.

Usually, it takes a pizza shop six to nine months to reach the break-even point. Kudos to our partner, Viktor Ivanov!


Top 10 Dodo Pizza shops in terms of yearly sales in 2017

  1. Samara‑3 (Russia): $1,545,053
  2. Samara‑4 (Russia): $1,454,154
  3. Ukhta‑1 (Russia): $1,424,159
  4. Syktyvkar‑1 (Russia): $1,415,581
  5. Tolyatti‑1 (Russia): $1,398,384
  6. Dolgoprudny‑1 (Russia): $1,364,285
  7. Samara‑2 (Russia): $1,305,968
  8. Samara‑1 (Russia): $1,305,839
  9. Ulyanovsk‑2 (Russia): $1,299,802
  10. Tallinn‑1 (Estonia): $1,185,356


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