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Half-and-half pizza

Half-and-half pizza

30 November 2018

Fyodor Ovchinnikov

Dodo Pizza CEO

Fyodor Ovchinnikov

Our international competitors have long been baking half-and-half pizza, combining two recipes in one product. But in my humble opinion, how they do it is pretty awful. Their interfaces are cumbersome and too complicated, so kitchens make a lot of mistakes.

This year, we set a daring goal for ourselves—we are going to reinvent half-and-half pizza. And if we take up a job, we want to do it in the best possible way.

In December, we’re going to launch a system for ordering half-and-half pizza in all our pizzerias in Russia. We’ve been testing it for several months, and already half-and-half pizza makes up to 10% of the sales revenue in its category in the cities we’ve tested it in. And this has become possible thanks to our new and easy-to-use interface.

There has never been anything like it, and I’m certain it will soon become a new industry standard. We should always go forward, inventing new things and doing better every single day, for it’s the only way to live and work in the present-day world. So, our half-and-half pizza is just the beginning.

Soon you’ll see the most user-friendly build-your-own-pizza interface in the world; and it’s not only for our customers, but also for our pizzerias. In two clicks it will turn you into a chef, making up your own recipes; or you can order a pizza your friend has concocted :-)

A successful product is a set of details. Sometimes, you just need to reassemble something that already exists, make it handy using new opportunities—and that’s how you achieve a breakthrough.

Stay tuned; and meanwhile you can watch Alexander Chyorny’s presentation at the Dodo Partners Meetup where he talks about our plan to reinvent pizza customization.

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