28 January 2019

Sprint Review: Shitty to Great

Sprint Review: Shitty to Great
Anton Bevzuk

Anton Bevzuk

Chief Agile Officer

Our first attempt to introduce sprint reviews at Dodo Pizza failed spectacularly. You would think, perhaps, that a pizza chain doesn’t need Scrum practices at all. However, strange as it may seem, one of the key advantages of Dodo Pizza is its own IT system that controls all the working processes of 430+ pizzerias in 11 countries.

More than 60 programmers and analysts work on our system now, and we’re planning to increase that number to more than 200. Like any fast-growing start-up, we are aiming for maximum efficiency, so we use Agile frameworks a lot, including Scrum, LeSS, and extreme programming.

But how do you employ Scrum without sprint reviews? That’s the question you might ask—and you would be right to…

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