Dodo is something extraordinary which is why I joined

14 March 2019

David Sweeney

UK Business Development

David Sweeney

I have been hovering in and around the pizza world for almost twenty years but believe it or not it’s taken me until now to find something truly amazing, Dodo Pizza.

Dodo is something extraordinary on several levels. Which is why I’ve left the world of consulting to join Dodo Pizza to develop the UK market.

Firstly, there is the product. Behind every pizza sold there is a quality control system that starts with product development and runs through to when the pie is placed in a box and given the Dodo seal of approval.

Secondly, the stores are bright with open kitchens where nothing is hidden and if you are not in the store you can log on and see your pizza being prepared with the Dodo kitchen cam…now that is an open kitchen!

Thirdly, the whole operation is controlled by one IT ecosystem called Dodo IS allowing the store owner to concentrate on making great pizzas and providing a great customer experience.

Finally, there is a whole new approach to franchising with the emphasis on store economics and innovative marketing enabling the franchisees to get a quicker return on capital and then open more stores.

I believe that Dodo has some truly innovative ideas in action that will redefine how pizza is experienced in the UK for consumers and business owners.

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