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16 October 2018

Nigeria: business is the answer

It was a completely new experience. I’d been in many countries and cities, but what I saw and felt in Nigeria has changed my view of the world entirely. We spent four days in Lagos, Africa’s largest city. Our team came to Nigeria at the invitation of prospective partners to experience everything first-hand, study the growing Nigerian market, and make a decision on the possibility of bringing the Dodo Pizza brand to this country. So what have I learned in Nigeria?

I saw what an unsafe environment looks like. I’ve been to different places, but...

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05 October 2018

Nigeria. You leave the British Airways plane and simply enter a different world. I’ve seen rough places, but compared to this country, they were just Disneylands. It doesn’t even look like Russia in the 90s. It’s a real stern Africa. I realized that this wasn’t a game when two cars arrived to pick us up at the airport—a black Land Cruiser and an off-road vehicle with a flasher. It was full of guys in uniform with assault rifles. They escorted us up to our hotel encircled by a huge metal fence in the city’s richest district. We were driving through this city, strangely dark, but filled with cars and people jumping in front of the vehicles stuck in traffic jams to offer some snacks. From the highway, we saw a glowing and enormous Domino’s sign. For now, they are alone here, but the first Pizza Hut is opening soon… It’s a country of big risks and opportunities.

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Departing for Nigeria

04 October 2018

Departing for Nigeria. Nigeria is a country with the highest GDP in Africa. Oil, 190 million citizens, 13 million of them in Lagos, which is considered one of the world’s most dangerous cities. You better steer clear of certain districts there. At the same time, Nigeria is a market for the future. It will see growth for sure. Domino’s Pizza is already building its business there. Their unit in Abuja, the country’s capital, is among the most profitable pizzerias in the whole global chain. There are no other international pizza brands in the country—yet. We’re going to Lagos at the invitation of prospective partners who are building a food retail business in the country and are interested in Dodo. We want to get to know each other better, study the market and experience it firsthand, and make a decision on our partnership in bringing the Dodo Pizza brand to Nigeria.

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02 October 2018

Dodo Pizza is coming soon to the welcoming and beautiful Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. For our first pizzeria, we secured an awesome location close both to the old city center and Metelkova, the famous underground district. 

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20 September 2018

Dodo Pizza is growing. It’s growing so rapidly that sometimes we can hardly believe it. Our company is already the number one chain in Russia, and our chain also works in China, the US, the UK, Romania, Lithuania, and Estonia. Pretty soon, we’ll be open for business in Belarus. And next in line: Poland.

Before launching in Poland, we need to gather as much data about this new market as possible. Its food culture, job market, real estate, marketing trends, construction, law, taxes—everything related to QSR operations might be valuable.

Now we realize that we need to find a food expert. Maybe it will be a restaurateur, chef, or prospective franchisee. Someone from the industry, living in Poland, who (in the best case) can also speak Polish and Russian.

Someone who will be able to help us at this important stage—studying the market. We want to learn about everything—from taste preferences in Poland to supply chain data.

If you know someone who fits this description or if you are ready to share this knowledge yourself, please reach out to Vladimir Goretsky at v.goretskiy@dodopizza.com. His team will be opening our shops in Poland.


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