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Dodo Pizza Tallinn

19 September 2018

How successful can Dodo Pizza be outside Russia? Our branch in Estonia might give you a hint. In 2017, Dodo’s first pizza shop in Tallinn ranked as the tenth pizzeria in the chain in terms of sales. It made $1,185,356 last year.

In June 2018, our partner opened another pizza shop in Tallinn—just for delivery to start. Dine-in was launched in August. And last month, in the third month of its operations, our second location in Estonia’s capital saw €58,971 in sales. Which made it profitable right away.

Usually, it takes a pizza shop six to nine months to reach the break-even point. Kudos to our partner, Viktor Ivanov!


Top 10 Dodo Pizza shops in terms of yearly sales in 2017

  1. Samara‑3 (Russia): $1,545,053
  2. Samara‑4 (Russia): $1,454,154
  3. Ukhta‑1 (Russia): $1,424,159
  4. Syktyvkar‑1 (Russia): $1,415,581
  5. Tolyatti‑1 (Russia): $1,398,384
  6. Dolgoprudny‑1 (Russia): $1,364,285
  7. Samara‑2 (Russia): $1,305,968
  8. Samara‑1 (Russia): $1,305,839
  9. Ulyanovsk‑2 (Russia): $1,299,802
  10. Tallinn‑1 (Estonia): $1,185,356


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Funding for our pizza chain in Germany

23 August 2018

Looking for funding for our pizza chain in Germany.

Our partners, brothers Thomas and Michael Kochman, set an ambitious goal for themselves and Dodo in Germany. Together, we are gunning for top places in the pizza market of the largest economy in Europe.

Thomas and Michael are our master franchisees in Germany. For 25 years, they have been developing their own brand: UNO Pizza. And this year, they decided to partner with Dodo Pizza. A few months ago, they launched a large dough commissary that will become the base for the future growth of Dodo Pizza in the German market.

Besides attracting partners via franchising, the Kochmans are going to develop their own corporate chain. It’s an important part of our plan. One of the possibilities is to grow the corporate chain and then sell pizza shops to franchisees to grow the chain faster. The brothers already have a pizza chain of 17 units.

Over the course of 25 years, they have never resorted to external sources to fund their growth—not even for bank loans. It’s time to change. The market spurs them to move faster. So the Kochmans are now studying different options for funding. They need money for re-branding of their existing pizzerias into Dodo Pizzas and further development of their corporate chain under our brand.

We proposed that they use our network to secure funding. So they put together a proposal for prospective investors (in German). If you are looking for business opportunities in Europe, send a letter to the manager in charge of our global growth, Renat Sagadeev, at r.sagadeev@dodopizza.com.

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07 August 2018

Within 18 months, our business in Europe (Romania, Lithuania, Estonia, and the UK) has grown from €139K to €478K in monthly sales, despite our focus on Russia, Dodo Pizza’s home market.

Now we’re giving a boost to our global growth and aiming to open in one new country every two months. Next in line: Belarus, Slovenia, then probably Germany, Ukraine and Moldova.

In Russia, we faced another problem: all the big and rich cities are “sold out,” which makes it hard to attract new partners. Our solution: taking our b2b marketing up to a new level. We’ve developed 30 separate landings for 30 most prospective cities that are still available for franchisees.

Learn more about these and other developments with the company while watching our latest Monday meeting (in English):

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10 July 2018

Dear friends, we need your help! Our team is looking for lamb sausages and salsa sauce suppliers in Europe for our pizzerias in this region. If you know any reliable partners, please let me know.

Dodo Pizza has more than 350 stores in 10 countries, and we pin many hopes on Europe. Our brand is already present in Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, and Great Britain. In 2017, Dodo in Tallinn was one of the top 10 pizza units in our chain in yearly sales. And more European countries and pizza shops are to come this year and the next.

So, we now want to improve the menu of our European branches and thus are in great need of competent suppliers. We want to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. Our team isn’t familiar with the food industry landscape in Europe yet, so any help and guidance will be highly appreciated!


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09 July 2018

From Canada to Australia: making Dodo Pizza a global franchise

How we form partnerships all over the world

We now receive requests for our franchise from all over the world—from Germany and Nigeria, Canada and Australia, Switzerland and the UAE….

These emails prove to us that people from different countries have started to see the same value in what we’re building (our cutting-edge IT system, up-to-date branding, and agile business culture based on radical transparency).

The question is: what should we do with these requests? The Dodo Pizza brand is already present in 10 countries, from the United States and China to Lithuania and Romania. And to an outsider, our choice...

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