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Big hairy goal: from 49 to 250 developers in two years

07 September 2018

Big hairy goal: from 49 to 250 developers in two years

On September 1st, the search term “dodo pizza” made to the trending section in the Apple Store—along with “minecraft free download” and “” And we weren’t having a special promo that day. Parents were simply ordering pizzas for their kids to celebrate the beginning of the school year, and they were looking for our app. Just imagine it! Among all of the requests and products that such a big country has to offer, we made it to the top seven trends. We’ve become a part of Russia’s social life. And seven years ago, Dodo Pizza was just...

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Dodo Pizza to roll out open customer ranking for every pizzeria

27 July 2018

A few days ago, a video went viral on the Russian web. It showed an employee of one of the world’s most respected pizza chains while he was receiving a dough shipment. At one point, a tray falls, and a few dough balls roll out on the road. The employee picked them up, shook the dirt off, put them back on the tray, and carried it to the pizza shop. The camera rises, and we see the company’s slogan promising the best ingredients. The curtain falls.

It’s a true story, and it’s my scariest nightmare. How can we be sure that something like that will never happen with our chain?

Companies grow when they focus all their attention on their customers. Companies grow when their founders are hell-bent on making the best product on the market and try to win every customer. Then, they make some money, open fancy offices, go public…. The founders change aprons for expensive suits and forget about their customers. And then companies start dying.

We don’t want to become one of these companies—and we have a big idea that should help us avoid such a destiny. This week, Ivan Tikhov presented it during our annual Dodo Pizza Partners and Managers Meetup. This year, we’re going to create a tool that won’t allow us to ever forget about customers, no matter how big we become.

It’s a simple tool. But it takes some courage and transparency to implement it. So, what will we do?

40% of our sales already come through our mobile app. Soon, it will start accepting orders not only for delivery but also for dine-in, and this number will increase. We’re also working on our pilot pizza shop in China where there will be no cash desks and cashiers at all—all our orders will go through our app on WeChat. Overall, our team expects that in some not so distant future, 100% of our orders will go through our app—all over the world.

The mobile app allows us to communicate with our customers directly. So we’ll start asking them about every order they placed at Dodo Pizza and encourage them to rate it. We’ll make sure that the vast majority of our customers will be giving us feedback. And this feedback will become the most important metric for our business. It will be more important than sales, profits, or stock value.

We’ll also burn our bridges and make this feedback public. Accumulated in a ranking system, it will be shown on our website and in the app for every pizzeria in our chain—even if for some pizza shops it happens to be not that great. This approach won’t give us any chance to do a poor job when serving our customers. It will allow us to never forget about the main goal of this business—serving people the best way possible.

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28 June 2018

Dear friends, our pizzerias outside Russia already bring us around 15% of all Dodo Pizza sales. Our internal IT system, Dodo IS, was made multilingual a few years ago. And now one of our main challenges is how to set up effective tech support for Dodo IS users in 10 countries where our brand is present: Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Lithuania, Estonia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, China, the UK, and the US.

At the end of 2017, we introduced our first line of support, but it’s not enough. We need to do more and learn how to develop it properly. We’d like to study how other companies from different markets deal with the same tasks in multilingual tech support for their users living in different time zones. Of course, we’d be happy to share the experience and knowledge we’ve gathered in this field so far.

If you have any such experience or can recommend a friend, we’d be happy to talk. Leave a comment here or drop a message directly to Dodo Pizza CTO Alexander Andronov at

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A tough day

24 April 2018

A tough day

Last Saturday happened to be a very tough day for our company. And this week is going to be even tougher.

We’ve been working on our first campaign on national TV for the whole year. It was a complex project involving every aspect of our business. We and our partners invested more $1.6 mln in it. And on Saturday, just when the sales got to their peak, a part of our system failed because of a too-high workload.

It led to a major meltdown in our business. Our website and mobile apps didn’t work for three hours. And most of...

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A pretty scary backlog: the dark side of managing a large-scale IT project

21 March 2018

A pretty scary backlog: the dark side of managing a large-scale IT project

Something is wrong at Dodo Pizza

Something is wrong at Dodo Pizza.

We set a challenging goal for ourselves to create the world’s most advanced IT system for a retail business.

We put together an IT team of sixty developers and analytics and gave them the freedom to follow any unorthodox development practices they deemed helpful.

They all worked like crazy and built an impressive large-scale IT product that now makes it possible to manage a chain of more than 300 pizza shops and process tens of thousands of orders every day.

Yet the people inside and around the company have become, to put it mildly, pretty frustrated...

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